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    Avure Technologies applies many years of expertise and knowhow to every application. From aerospace and medical applications, to non-thermal pasteurization of juices, we are leading the charge in applying high pressure innovations that make products safer, healthier, last longer, more reliable, and more efficient.

    Avure Technologies has designed, built and installed more than 150 Flexform fluid cell presses for major manufacturers worldwide.

    Learn how Avure Technologies has helped many leading companies solve production and material challenges.

    Avure is the leading fluid cell press supplier to the aerospace airframe industry with more than 150 Flexform systems in operation at major aircraft and airframe metal fabrication manufacturers worldwide.

    For decades, Avure has supplied Flexform technology to major automotive manufacturers worldwide, including Ford, Daimler-Benz, Volvo, BMW, Rover, GAZ and Saab.

    Flexform is used by manufacturing companies for general low-volume sheet metal forming to achieve low cost, high quality parts with short lead times.

    The combination of pre-sintering, or glass encapsulation, and HIPping offers the possibility of producing high quality ceramics for a wide range of applications.

    There is a constant quest to use lighter, weight saving materials, notably aluminum, in a variety of structural products.

    Solid state diffusion bonding or cladding of differing materials is frequently accomplished through Hot Isostatic Pressing, without changing the properties of either material.

    In recent years, HIP has become an increasingly popular technique in the manufacture of diamond tools, such as wire sawing beads and diamond segments for cutting wheels.

    HIP brazing is a cladding technique in which a braze alloy is placed between the dissimilar metals to be bonded.

    HIP (Hot Isostatic Pressing | Castings) is commonly employed to completely remove internal porosity in castings, utilizing plastic yielding, creep and diffusional effects.

    HIP cladding is a form of diffusion bonding applied to a variety of high-wear tools and to applications where extreme environments can break down metals used in parts.

    A wide range of synthetic diamond grit products, of very different grades, are manufactured for an extensive range of abrasive and non-abrasive industrial applications.

    The combination of Hot Isostatic Pressing and pre-sintering aids the production of high quality prosthetic components for the medical market.

    Cold Isostatic Pressing enables the production of seamless porous elements with differential wall thickness and pore sizes.

    The critical parts found in offshore platforms can obtain increased durability and reliability when manufactured with Hot and Cold Isostatic Processes.

    Hot Isostatic Pressing of encapsulated powder metals produces net or near net shape parts with special particle properties.

    Hot isostatic pressing is used to bond the refractory metal powder into its final shape, reach 100% theoretical density, and significantly improve long-term strength retention at sustained high temperatures.

    Powder capsule technology combined with HIP opens a wide range of possibilities for size, design and chemical composition in target manufacturing.

    Hot Isostatic Pressing, HIP, improves the chemical and mechanical bonding of the tungsten carbide phase within the metal matrix, leading to improved integrity and enhanced transverse rupture strength and other mechanical properties.

    Single-piece tooling is the primary reason for the growing adoption of the Flexform technology among the users.

    The concept is basically simple: a sheet metal blank is placed over a single shape-defining tool half.

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    For more than 60 years, Avure Technologies has harnessed the forces of nature to make products better, safer, stronger.

    When you need high pressure solutions, work with a company that has more experience in more applications than any other.

    Avure Cold Isostatic Presses can be designed to fit virtually any size and pressure requirement you may have.

    Avure offers a full line of base and noble metal thermocouples, specializing in Types R, S, B and W5 for accurate measurements up to 4200°F (2200°C) for use in a wide variety of furnace applications.

    The Avure success story began with the diamond. In 1953, with the QUINTUS® Wire Wound Press, Avure successfully produced synthetic diamonds. And today, our technologies continue to define the manufacturing process for diamond cutting tools with hot isostatic press (HIP) densification.

    Avure Hot Isostatic Presses (HIP) are recognized for extreme safety, high reliability, and exceptional efficiency.

    Avure has developed a series of high pressure Isostatic Laminating Presses for the cost-effective lamination of a large variety of electronic components.

    See the latest addition to our product families here!

    Avure offers a wide range of standard models of high-pressure Flexform Presses, suiting needs within both aerospace, automotive and other low volume metal fabrication industries.   

    Avure offers a full line of standard models of Flexform Presses with rectangular trays

    The QFL-type presses are compact units with one meter diameter circular trays, designed for faster forming of smaller parts.

    The Avure deep-draw press family is the most versatile in terms of forming capabilities.

    Flexform, combined with process expertise and modern tool design, enables: 
    • reductions in production time by as much as 80%
    • reduced production steps by 50%
    • while increasing production capacity by 100%. 

    Learn how to best design your tools - The key to a good sheet metal manufacturing process

    Fluid cell presses can also be equipped with pallett handling systems for high-volume production

    One factor common to all Avure products is our unique ability to handle extremely high pressures and high tonnage forces reliably and safely.

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To help you find the information you’re looking for, Avure now has two websites. To find information on our HPP applications, click the following button.

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Fluid Cell Presses - Rectangular forming trays

Flexform™ Fluid Cell Presses for versatile, economical low-volume sheet metal forming

Over the past 40 years, Avure has grown to become the world's leading producer of fluid cell presses for sheet hydroforming and similar sheet metal forming applications. Today, the technology is the preferred method for economical low volume parts forming and fast prototype components. Avure is highly respected for its skill in process analysis and optimization, innovative tool design, systematic project management, and on-site technical support.

Avure offers a full line of standard models of Flexform Presses with rectangular trays dimensions up to 1.8 × 3.6 m (71 × 142 in) and pressures from 800 bar (11,600 psi) to 1,400 bar (20,000 psi). The cycle time is normally one to three minutes, depending on press size, formed parts and selected pressure.

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